Vintage Hotel in Bogota: A jewel of luxury
Vintage Hotel

The Vintage Hotel in Bogota offers a luxurious space and a service that lives up to what it deserves. All the historical beauty of Bogota is within sight of our rooms located in the north of the city offering all the classic concept with all the latest hotel technology. All our rooms are spacious, bright, luxurious and as comfortable as possible, to make your stay extraordinarily cosy.

At the entrance, lanterns evoke the atmosphere of a European city. Passing through the beautiful garden, the doors of the Vintage Hotel open, where you will find a sophisticated and unique atmosphere, the perfect place for an unforgettable stay, with all luxury of details. At Hotel Vintage, we have friendly and highly qualified staff, offering an excellent and personalised service to all our guests.

We create the best experiences and spaces for you in an idyllic building in the middle of the greyness of the capital.

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Hotel Vintage



CALLE 100, 13-55

Bogotá Bogotá Colombia


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